2017-09-06T04:23:31.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 04:23 AM PDT, Sherri Skuza said:

It appears that more help is needed on Friday night than on Saturday night for the Weekend Getaway, so Bill and I will help on Friday night instead of Saturday. Thank you!!

2017-09-05T18:33:19.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 06:33 PM PDT, Owen Scanlon said:

John and Jodi Scanlon can bring a dessert for the spaghetti dinner. I can call the 7th graders for the secret location. Jodi

2017-09-05T18:33:05.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 06:33 PM PDT, Sherri Skuza said:

I can help with set up for Taco Tuesday, so please sign me up. Thanks!!
Sherri Skuza

2017-09-05T16:05:41.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 04:05 PM PDT, David Medvec said:

Please sign up Dave and Rebecca Medvec for the weekend getaway, Sunday brunch. Thanks!

2017-09-05T12:08:34.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 12:08 PM PDT, Mollie Christine Werschay said:

Werschay's can bring a dessert (2 dozen) for October 10 spaghetti dinner..

2017-09-05T11:56:16.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 11:56 AM PDT, Diane Stangler said:

Parents, please order your apparel by mid-night tonight. The store will close after that and orders will be placed tomorrow morning. Thank You!

2017-09-05T08:52:59.000-07:00September 05 2017, at 08:52 AM PDT, Stacy Bastien said:

I can help with Saturday brunch at the weekend getaway. Would you please remove me from serving at Taco Tuesday? It conflicts with my son's 1st football game.
Stacy Bastien

2017-09-03T16:44:35.000-07:00September 03 2017, at 04:44 PM PDT, Coral Simones said:

The Simones will bring chips/snacks on Friday for their get away. We will also bring lettuce for the spaghetti dinner on October 10 and help with clean up.

Pat & Cori Simones

2017-09-02T21:14:43.000-07:00September 02 2017, at 09:14 PM PDT, Paul and Cindy Pfannenstein said:

We will send some fruit with Tommy for Getaway. I will also make phone calls to junior families on the eve of Oct 4 for the secret location, if still needed. Please let me know. Thanks!
Cindy Pfannenstein

2017-09-01T18:55:13.000-07:00September 01 2017, at 06:55 PM PDT, Sherri Skuza said:

I can bring apples to the meets on Oct. 3 and Oct. 7. Also, Bill and I will help with clean up for the Progressive Workout.
Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!
Sherri Skuza