2019-01-18T13:20:06.000-08:00January 18 2019, at 01:20 PM PST, Jana Gulati said:

As many of you know, Jarrett Thelen's father passed away last weekend. The Funeral is tomorrow January 19 at 12:00 noon at Daniel Funeral Home in St Cloud. Visitation begins at the funeral home after 10:00. If any of the teammates would like to attend the service, it might be nice to wear your Cathedral cross country apparel. Please keep Jarrett and his family in your prayers.

2018-11-11T18:28:30.000-08:00November 11 2018, at 06:28 PM PST, Jana Gulati said:

For anyone who was not at awards today or would like to see the end of season video again, it is posted under Videos on TeamPages.

2018-10-18T08:00:29.000-07:00October 18 2018, at 08:00 AM PDT, Katie Schad said:

I have posted the photos I took of the conference meet. Including the Jr. High race.

2018-10-18T05:56:03.000-07:00October 18 2018, at 05:56 AM PDT, Jana Gulati said:

If anyone got pictures of the jr high race at the conference meet, would you please upload them to the album. I did not make it in time for that race. Any photos of the other races are welcome as well . Thanks!

2018-10-12T05:30:51.000-07:00October 12 2018, at 05:30 AM PDT, Kellie Monsen said:

I will try to take pictures at the Sartell meet today but I won't be at able to attend the conference meet.

2018-10-12T04:55:50.000-07:00October 12 2018, at 04:55 AM PDT, Jana Gulati said:

Photographer(s) needed:
Could someone please take pictures at the Sartell and/or conference meet? I cannot attend either of those meets.
Thank you,

2018-09-27T10:22:58.000-07:00September 27 2018, at 10:22 AM PDT, Stacy Bastien said:

If any runner purchased a size small team t-shirt and would rather have a medium, Sam would be happy to trade. His has not been worn yet.
Stacy Bastien

2018-09-18T16:54:37.000-07:00September 18 2018, at 04:54 PM PDT, Jana Gulati said:

Hi Everyone,
If you would like to contribute to the care package for Cade, please have your item(s) in by next Monday 9/24. Thank you!
Jana Gulati

2018-09-05T15:53:29.000-07:00September 05 2018, at 03:53 PM PDT, Dena Heen said:

Hi parents!

We are still in need of the following to make the getaway weekend a success.

Cookies & bars (nut free)
Fruits & vegetables
Friday supper & clean up
4 -20 lbs bags of ice
Saturday brunch & clean up
Saturday supper & clean up
Sunday brunch meal/camp clean up

Please click on the link below to sign up. Thanks - Dena Heen pSearch&eid=0FCACDDFF5CAFA60&cs=09B5BAAE8FB98B137 B0A64765BB79BCE&sortby=l.title

2018-09-03T19:31:49.000-07:00September 03 2018, at 07:31 PM PDT, Dena Heen said:

Just a friendly reminder to sign up for food and/or volunteering for the Getaway weekend. We are are in need of more volunteers and food items. Thank you- Dena Heen pSearch&eid=0FCACDDFF5CAFA60&cs=09B5BAAE8FB98B137 B0A64765BB79BCE&sortby=l.title