2017-11-12T11:16:04.000-08:00November 12 2017, at 11:16 AM PST, a former user said:

Senior Parents,
If you can bring your yellow Senior Parent shirts to the meeting tonight so next years Captains Parents don't have to hunt them all down next Fall. We will have a box to put them in. Thank you so much.
Tom & Karen

2017-10-21T08:57:39.000-07:00October 21 2017, at 08:57 AM PDT, John Vazquez said:

Did anyone took photos of the Mora Invitational?

2017-10-09T20:50:19.000-07:00October 09 2017, at 08:50 PM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

Thanks for hosting tonight Eikhoffs! It was such a great space for the kids to gather and Luke said the spaghetti sauce with sausage was absolutely "THE BEST"! (:

2017-10-09T06:51:20.000-07:00October 09 2017, at 06:51 AM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Jeny, Betsy, David, or Theresa, I signed up to provide lettuce for the dinner tonight but need to leave town at 3:15. Will any of you be available for me to deliver the lettuce to you between 1pm-3pm today?

2017-10-09T06:34:44.000-07:00October 09 2017, at 06:34 AM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

Very helpful info Jeny. Thank you!!

2017-10-09T05:21:57.000-07:00October 09 2017, at 05:21 AM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Thanks very much!

2017-10-09T04:45:30.000-07:00October 09 2017, at 04:45 AM PDT, Kay Halligan said:

Oops I meant he'd give Mitch a ride home

2017-10-08T19:58:34.000-07:00October 08 2017, at 07:58 PM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Is there anyone that can give Mitch Miller, grade 10 a ride home after the spaghetti dinner? I will be out of town and Scott will be working. We live near Clearwater - one mile off I-94, Clearwater Exit.

2017-10-08T19:56:16.000-07:00October 08 2017, at 07:56 PM PDT, Jeny Meyer said:

I am set up crew, we arrive at 4:30. If you are dropping off food, I would guess by 5pm, yes. And 6pm clean up sounds right too! Eickhoff's might see this and be more specific, but I thought I'd reply so you have something to go on, just in case!

2017-10-08T19:45:16.000-07:00October 08 2017, at 07:45 PM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

Sorry... I just found this info...

Location: David and Betsy Eickhoff
Street: 5956 Dover Castle Rd
City/Town: Saint Cloud, Minnesota

So... Drop off food before 5 pm? And arrive around 6 pm to pick up and help clean up if we've signed up to do so?