2017-09-01T10:45:31.000-07:00September 01 2017, at 10:45 AM PDT, Laura Tomczik said:

Mary and Graeme Mahler can bring back the grill from the get-away weekend and will also bring dessert to the Spaghetti Dinner

2017-09-01T08:04:23.000-07:00September 01 2017, at 08:04 AM PDT, Tina Scheierl said:

I can bring apples on Oct. 17th & help with spaghetti dinner set up/serving on the 10th at 4:30.

Tina Scheierl

2016-10-09T13:04:55.000-07:00October 09 2016, at 01:04 PM PDT, Tim Ebel said:

Reminder - Spaghetti Dinner on Monday after practice at the Eickhoffs. If you were scheduled to bring food or help out, don't forget! Also, we could use a couple more volunteers for cleanup at 6:00 and a couple more desserts. If you can help out, call me at 363-1706. Thanks, Nancy Ebel

2016-10-07T05:49:18.000-07:00October 07 2016, at 05:49 AM PDT, Tina Scheierl said:

Hi everyone,

I think I left a red corduroy jacket at the dinner last night. Did anyone by chance grab it? I'll also call the Tuscan. Thanks!


2016-09-29T18:01:02.000-07:00September 29 2016, at 06:01 PM PDT, Jeryn SiaSu said:

Hi all!
Kian SiaSu could not find his school computer after the meet at Foley tonight. Did anyone happen to see it/find it?
Reply to this or text:320-491-8354
Thank you, Jeryn SiaSu