2017-09-07T19:32:57.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 07:32 PM PDT, Rebecca Kapsner said:

Kapsners can help with supper Friday night.

2017-09-07T18:34:35.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 06:34 PM PDT, Sherri Skuza said:

Hi Marlene and Scott, the Wedins want you to know to not worry about the ice. They can get it for free, so they are hoping you haven't already purchased any, as they are planning to bring it on Friday night to the getaway.

2017-09-07T15:01:18.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 03:01 PM PDT, Sherri Skuza said:

Wedins can bring ice to the weekend getaway, I'm chatting with them right now.

2017-09-07T09:19:42.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 09:19 AM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Hi! I signed up for ice for the getaway but cannot bring it Saturday morning to the park. I can bring it on Friday in a cooler or meet someone who is going to the park Saturday morning to give to them before they head to the park. What would be best?

2017-09-07T06:09:18.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 06:09 AM PDT, Dena Heen said:

Hi all,

I can bring a nut free/gluten free dessert to the spaghetti dinner. Dena

2017-09-06T18:34:30.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 06:34 PM PDT, a former user said:

Rick Anderson is providing his truck and trailer to haul all the gear, equipment, food and supplies to Sibley State Park Friday Morning. We are in great need of two able bodied helpers who could ride with him and help him unload the trailer at Sibley Friday Morning. If you are able you can call or text him at 320 237-1895 and post it here so we know. Thank you for your attention to this as this is a great need for the Weekend Getaway.

2017-09-06T16:28:31.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 04:28 PM PDT, a former user said:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
The correct date is on the schedule. Monday Oct 9th. I have corrected the sign up sheet to reflect this date.

2017-09-06T12:31:44.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 12:31 PM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

Can someone clarify the date for the Spaghetti dinner? The schedule states Oct 9, but the sign-up doc indicates Oct 10. Thank you!

2017-09-06T11:53:02.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 11:53 AM PDT, Jim Janzen said:

The Janzen's will also plan to bring a desert for the spaghetti dinner on Oct. 10th. Jim can also help with clean-up.

2017-09-06T08:57:40.000-07:00September 06 2017, at 08:57 AM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

It looks like more desserts are needed for Oct 9 Spaghetti dinner. Please add the Van Erps. We can help with clean up as well.