2017-10-08T19:42:47.000-07:00October 08 2017, at 07:42 PM PDT, Nancy Van Erp said:

I'm also wondering about the spaghetti dinner. Where is it? When do we deliver the items we signed up to bring? When do we arrive to help clean up? Thx for your help.

2017-10-08T14:39:39.000-07:00October 08 2017, at 02:39 PM PDT, Coral Simones said:

We signed up to bring lettuce to the dinner tomorrow night. When & where do I bring it?

Cori Simones

2017-10-07T19:04:04.000-07:00October 07 2017, at 07:04 PM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Thank you, Theresa, I appreciate your help!

2017-10-07T16:50:03.000-07:00October 07 2017, at 04:50 PM PDT, Theresa Longstrom said:

Hi Marlene,
I can take your set up/serve spot for spaghetti dinner on Monday.
Theresa Longstrom

2017-10-07T15:21:19.000-07:00October 07 2017, at 03:21 PM PDT, Marlene & Scott Miller said:

Hi All, Can anyone please take my place and assist with spaghetti dinner set up on Monday, October 9th? During parent volunteer sign up time, I volunteered to bring lettuce and assist with the set up for the spaghetti dinner on Monday. Unfortunately, I just learned that I am not able to assist because I have an urgent obligation out of town that evening. I can deliver lettuce to the location, but it would need to be earlier in the day before I leave town. Thanks for considering!

2017-09-24T21:33:03.000-07:00September 24 2017, at 09:33 PM PDT, a former user said:

According to Peter there's practice tomorrow at 8:00 am or 3:30 pm. Make the one you can.

2017-09-24T20:50:26.000-07:00September 24 2017, at 08:50 PM PDT, Kellie Monsen said:

Is there practice tomorrow (Monday 10/25) and if so, what time? Thanks you

2017-09-08T05:13:01.000-07:00September 08 2017, at 05:13 AM PDT, Kelli Ehlen said:

Steve and Kelli Ehlen can help with Saturday Brunch.

2017-09-07T21:12:13.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 09:12 PM PDT, a former user said:

Rebecca, I believe they plan to unload in the morning and be back in St Cloud by early afternoon.

2017-09-07T20:49:25.000-07:00September 07 2017, at 08:49 PM PDT, Rebecca Kapsner said:

I was planning on coming early with my kids in the afternoon to camp out at the park. I could help unload if you want to wait until 1 pm or so. Let me know if that would work or not. 320-836-7114.