Progressive Workout Information

Posted by Cathedral Cross Country 2019 on Sep 20 2019 at 06:52PM PDT

We will be running our “Progressive workout” on Monday, September 23rd.

What to expect:
Runners will leave school at 3:20 . The runners will be split into three different groups. Each group will follow a unique route. Clues will take them from one location to the next; all groups will end at the same location; where parents and family members will share a meal together.
*Please encourage your kids to bring warm clothes with; just in case. Weather may get cool.
*A senior parent will be contacting you with the final location. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the meal.
*If you want to watch your child finish the run, all groups should finish between 4:40 and 5 o’clock. So be at the final location by 4:40.

What to bring:

7th and 8th grade
(8 athletes) •Desserts and Bars
(ie) pies, ice cream bars, cookies, brownies

9th and 11th grade:
(14 athletes) •Side dishes
Cold (example) : Green salad, fruit tray, veggie tray, chips, pasta salad , etc
Hot (example): cheesy potatoes, meatballs, etc

10th and 12th grade:
(22 athletes) •Main Entree
Cold (example):sandwiches, Turkey wraps, etc

Hot(example): tat-or tot hot dish, pizza, pasta, lasagna, sloppy joes, hot dogs, etc

*This event is open to parents and family members. So I would expect between 75 and 90 people total. With that being said; you are not expected to bring enough to feed 90 people. However, please keep that in mind when you are preparing or purchasing food. We are attempting to feed 75-90 people.

If you have questions, or do not receive a phone call by Monday at 3pm, contact Kelly Corbett at 320-230-0518