Updated practice schedule for next week. Please reference.

Posted by Cathedral Cross Country 2019 on Aug 16 2019 at 04:01PM PDT

As we head into our last week of summer break here are a few important details for this week of practice. M, F, and Sat will remain the same.
•Tuesday August 20th:
Practice will start at our normal time of 8 o’clock. However, following practice the kids will go with their respective bridge run team (based on color) to lunch. Following lunch they will go to Savers to pick out items of clothing to wear for Thursday’s Bridge Run. Generally, the upperclassmen provide rides for the younger runners. In the past the kids bring 20$ to cover lunch, and items of clothing. { I will be listing the teams based on color at the bottom of this message for reference. Therefore, if you already own items of clothing based on their team color that you would rather them wear ,to save on cost or other reasons, then you can just send enough money for lunch}.
For the parents whose children do not drive; you can either pick your child up at 12 at CHS, or arrange for you child to be dropped off by an upperclassmen. Monday August, 19th we will be lining up rides at practice; so please speak with your child before then so they will know whether they will need to be dropped off at home or school. Thank you !

•Wednesday August 21st:
NO PRACTICE!!! A day off of running! Rest up

•Thursday August 22nd:
Bridge run {Details to follow early next week}

Teams : (If your child is not on a team they are either not registered yet; according to my updated sheet, or told me they won’t be present on Thursday)

Pink :
Robert Dorn , Brandon Koski, Frankie Tomczik, Max Tomczik, Griffen Ward, Caleb Nelson, Sam Bastien, Jon Zabinski, Andrew Uy, Owen Scanlon, Carl Balfanz, Colin Heydman.

Ethan Kramer , Owen Anderson , Will Kopka , Turner Schad, Ben Fromelt, Mitch Miller , Kyle Pedersen, Elijah Pedersen, Cooper Flaherty, Mitchell Noack, Will Medvec, Bennett Vangsness.

Yellow (Gold):
Jackson Migala, Max Meyer, Ben Reuter, Alex Decker, Eli Ebel , Henry Ebel, Shane Corbett, Michael Corbett , Otto Leider, Grayson Mahler, Nathan Wainright. Darby Sukut.